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body to body massage in Delhi

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    January 28

    Massage may be a technique that applies pressure to parts of the body by stroking, kneading, tapping or pressing. It aims to relax you mentally and physically. Massage may consider the muscles, the soft tissues, or on the acupuncture points.

    Massage techniques can range from being soft and delicate to vigorous and brisk. they'll sometimes even be a touch uncomfortable. Therapists may treat your whole body or consider a selected part, like your head, neck or shoulders.

    There are several sorts of massage:

    Swedish massage – commonest sort of full body massage

    aromatherapy massage - massage with essential oils

    deep tissue massage – used for long standing, deep muscular problems

    sports massage – used before or after sport or to assist heal sports injuries

    Shiatsu - uses acupressure and stretching

    neuromuscular massage – helps to balance the systema nervosum and therefore the muscles