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Golf Packaging Trends 2019

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    October 31, 2019 3:01 AM MDT

    Patrick De Grande is an active member of the European Packaging Design Association. The aim of the association is to promote European packaging designers. In addition, the EPDA provides a forum for exchanging information and ideas. De Grande is also the co-founder of Quatre Mains, an award-winning Belgian design agency specializing in brand identity and packaging design. The creation of packaging is his passion and he advocates practical and elegant solutions that are distinguished by their creativity and professionalism. Who better than De Grande could reveal the main trends in the packaging sector of today and tomorrow?

    What are the factors that influence the consumer's choice of packaging?
    I like to quote the following sentence: " Do not design for brands. Design for people who interact with brands. The secret is to create an emotional connection with the customer who uses the bubble packaging. In other words, proclaim exactly what your target audience wants to hear. The message can be conveyed in different ways: by a photo or drawing, by typography or color and in a rational or emotional way. Your target audience must be able to identify the DNA of a brand only by seeing the packaging. Of course, the consumer also chooses according to his needs or because of the explicitly innovative nature of the product that is in the packaging. He makes his choice on the basis of the good scenario, the seduction factor or the hype! A brand must therefore be obvious by its packaging: the latter is a new advertising medium. Otherwise, brands and products do not have to look respectable and trustworthy to be taken seriously. If you treat your message creatively and add a playful factor, the buyer will often choose your product as a valid alternative.

    Packaging is much more than the product envelope. What are his other functions?
    In its current form, packaging has always been useful in our society. But he has also adopted a whole series of new functions and possibilities. For example, there is a visible revolution in terms of interaction. After the relatively slow (and sometimes impossible) digital connection with QR codes and complex applications, brand owners have a bright future ahead: Near Field Communication (FPC). The CCP allows two devices to make a contact at a short distance using a bluetooth or fast wifi connection. And that's good news because brand owners are struggling to make progress: they want to make progress. Finally, it is high time to connect with buyers in an innovative way.

    What are the challenges facing the packaging sector?
    The demand for more sustainable packaging solutions continues to grow, under pressure from both regulators and consumers. This means that it is crucial for packaging producers and their customers to minimize the amount of raw materials used. They must ask themselves: "Will our production waste be recycled as much as possible, or is it still necessary to improve the production process in order to reduce production waste? The consumer is also aware of being driven by boat with packaging that looks like it is being recycled, and is a little fed up with greenwashing. This means that packaging must really be produced sustainably in the future. And that means it's high time for the industry packaging to launch a proactive global debate on the definition and role of sustainable packaging. Otherwise, there is a risk that the impact of packaging waste on the environment will receive disproportionate attention. Companies that fail to define a strategic action in this area will see their prospects dry up in favor of more daring competitors. It is up to the packaging industry to launch the debate instead of becoming the victim.