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What Dog is best as a family/guard dog?

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    July 15, 2017 4:50 AM MDT

    I am planning to write an essay for my own writing company, custom essay writing service regarding the topic pet dogs and its verities. While writing this essay I have a doubt regarding what dog is best as a family or guard dog. Many of the family members are looking for this special answer from us for making their guard dogs. So please share any idea here.

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    December 8, 2019 2:56 PM MST

    In preferred, large puppies are extra intimidating to might-be intruders, and those breeds make more sense in case you’re searching out a own family associate who cannot only provide you with a warning approximately intruders, however assist shield you from them as nicely. But any dog, irrespective of the scale, has rather exact listening to (a long way higher than human beings) and can a minimum of warn you to potential threats earlier than you can pay attention them for your self.

    Dependable, protective, brave, and willing to do what it takes to preserve their family secure, those are the puppies a good way to come up with whole peace of mind at domestic. Click on for more information

  • January 14, 2020 8:06 AM MST

    Sometimes I really envy people who have so much free time in their lives that they can do knitting or writing essays about dogs. I work 12 hours a day to pay my rent and have to study too, so shall any professor dare to burden me with any essay, I will just go to Part of the craftsmanship is not to be able to do everything, but rather know who can do it quickly for you.

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