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ndia is one of the oldest civilizations

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    March 15, 2019 3:06 AM MDT

    India is one of the oldest civilizations on the Earth and is famous for various reasons. Indian Art culture is one of the most renowned things in the world and is one of the major reasons of India being so famous worldwide. India is a very colorful and dynamic country and is as varied as its citizens. The medley of Indian art culture , its collection of festivals, traditions , customs and rituals makes it a vibrant country in the world. Indian art and Indian contemporary art is one of the greatest attempts of this country to showcase the rich diversity in Indian art culture to the world. As India is a land of different cultures over the centuries it has got wide range of festivals, costumes , rituals, cuisines , art and beliefs.


    India has been the home of arts and crafts since ages and Indian paintings and Modern Indian paintings is not an exemption to this well known fact of the world. Indian art and Indian contemporary art shares a hand-in-glove relation with Indian art culture and Indian artists had the knowledge of painting since pre ancient times. India as a country is a much diversified country in the world and it has provided a large number of Indian artists to the world who have showed the different colors of this country and its culture and rituals through their different kinds of art. Indian art and Indian contemporary art with the help of the various Indian artists have helped in spreading the Indian art culture, the customary rules and regulation among the various people of the world.


    A latest study has found out that the Indian culture and tradition has been moving towards the West so Indian art and the Indian art gallery is trying hard to preserve the culture and tradition of the nation. Indian art and culture provides widespread information about pottery , work of art, crafts , wonderful sculptures and statuettes, decorative items and various home furnishing items which depicts Indian culture. Indian painting on the other hand goes back to the olden days and the type of painting we witness in the historical places are the clear evidence of the famous Indian art culture which is depicted by the various forms of Indian art. The paintings of Ajanta & Ellora depicts the true culture and art forms of India and millions of people who has great interest for Indian art culture visit the city to take a sneak-peek at these beautiful paintings and other art and craft forms.

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