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Places You Can't Miss in Your Andaman and Nicobar Trip

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    July 2, 2018 11:55 PM MDT




    Its majestic forests and exotic flora and fauna take your breath away.Its glistening white beaches are also nesting homes to a variety of sea turtles.Exploring the marine life first-hand through activities like scuba diving and fishing guarantee an enriching experience of coming just an inch closer to nature.From the pristine, untouched beaches of Neil and Havelock Islands to the bustling town of Port Blair, the Andamans have something to offer to every tourist.



    So many times you have seen the crystal clear sea, bright sky,the romantic beach and scuba diving on the silver screen and wished that if you could go to those places. You actually can. No, you don't need to plan a foreign trip. It is possible for you to get all these in India, just pack your bags and go for the holidays in Andaman and Island. This place is one of the seven union territories of India and Andaman and Nicobar islands are a group of islands at the juncture of te Bay of Bengal and the Andaman sea.


    Radhanagar beach


    TIME magazine once crowned this beach as Asia's best beach and even after so many years the beauty has remained the same. The combination turquoise blue water and white-silky sand makes it a wonderful tourist destination and during the twilight, when the sun is setting off, this place seems more like an oil painting. Far from the hullabaloo, you can take a stroll through the serene beach and if you want to do something exciting, then go for the under water activities like snorkelling and scuba diving and get a lifetime experience.


    Havelock Island


    If you are a scuba enthusiast, then this place is a heaven for you. There are lots of underwater activities for everyone. Don't worry if you are not a professional diver, you can enjoy under water activities still. This is another top most important thing about the Andaman Trip.


    Cellular jail


    We all have read about the Kala pani in our history books. The Kala pani or the cellular jail was used by the British Govt to exile the political prisoners. The walls of this enigmatic building are consisting in numerous stories of oppression. This might sound dreadful, but you should not miss the chance. The glimpse of sole confinements will take you back to the history when the bristish were ruling over India, when the freedomfighters were getting sent to this place. The cellular jail is another most visited place in Andamn and Nicobar tour.


    Limestone caves


    The limestone caves are another interseting spot and you can't afford to miss in your Andaman and Nicobar tour.This is a home for the swiflet birds and they make their nest here. The strangest part about their nest is they make it with the things they find edible and attach their nest to the cave walls with using their saliva. This is truly a wonder of mother nature.


    North Bay beach


    Have you ever walked in the sea? Sounds strange right? But it is possible in the North Bay beach and the good part is you don't need to know swiming for this sea walking. Just put a glass helmet and keep watching the colorful fishes, corals and other living and no living creatures of the sea around yoy. Don't forget to visit the octopus garden.


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    August 22, 2019 12:13 AM MDT

    It looks amazing! How can I visit this beautiful place?

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    August 22, 2019 12:15 AM MDT

    If you have more pictures of this island feel free to share it. ))

  • October 31, 2019 6:30 AM MDT

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